It’s been too long

Posted July 17th, 2012 by Zor

I haven’t written anything on here in almost a year. It’s amazing how fast time goes. I should be writing more about my kids but I find it’s better for me to spend time with them than write about them.

Megan. My little girl. She turned 3 just a few months ago and she’s definitely continuing to be the strong willed / rebellion type. She doesn’t like being told no and has a tendency to cry pretty much about everything. I think she’s just emotional like her mom. It can be very frustrating at times.

I find that when she goes into one of her fits, it is best for me to walk away and let Tamara handle it. She seems to be more suited to dealing with Megan’s fits than I am. I find that it gets me very worked up and I don’t end up acting rationally when she’s being irrational. Maybe we are more alike than I realize.

Her speech is getting better but she’s been developing this habit of trying to act like a baby. She mumbles and says one word sentences instead of full talking. I have told her she needs to stop and hopefully it is just a stage she’s going through. She also still continues to suck her thumb, and hasn’t yet been able to give up on her night time diapers as she still wets the bed. I’d really like to get that done with so we can be diaper free. At least she’s good during the day.

Aside from those, she loves playing and is doing fairly well with other kids and her brother. I suspect she will be the one that will be more rebellious as she gets older. Dylan tends to be less confrontational where she’s more of a “stick it to you” kind of girl. I just can’t wait for her teenage years. NOT!

I love her dearly and I’m enjoying my time with her. There are just days that its harder than others. But isn’t that what parenthood is?

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