A funny and awkward conversation

Posted January 23rd, 2016 by Zor

So last night Megan asks me to tell her the story about me being bullied in junior high. I’ve never held anything back with the kids. I tell them things as they are in as best a way I can for them to understand them at their age. So, I told her about being beaten up and teased and really getting hurt in my grade 8 & 9 years.

I told her the story about Steve Rooney and getting my head bashed in and the whole thing around that. But then, in an offhand comment, I mentioned that although I was bullied a lot during that time, I fell in love with someone and so getting to see her everyday made it tolerable.

She asked me about some questions about this girl and Tamara was kind of smiling about it. It was a little embarrassing it to talk about but it was like 30 years ago and was part of my life then. She asked me what this girl looked like and if I had any photos of her. I said I did in an old album and then the conversation ended. I figured I would never hear her mention it again.

Sure enough, tonite she asks if she can see a picture of this girl. So, I dug out my old photo album, showed her the photo and a few other older ones and she was content.

Feels a bit weird talking about such old stuff to her, but it also made me smile and think of an old friend and how much time has passed.

Funny how things from your past come back in one form or another, especially when you have kids.

Over a year since…

Posted September 21st, 2015 by Zor

It’s been over a year since I posted on here about my little girl. With all that goes on in our lives, I forget to sit down and write some of it out.

The last year with Megan has been pretty amazing. She’s such a character. As I watch her grow each year, I am seeing more and more of her personality emerge. She’s going to be the unique one. The one that’s outgoing and willing to do just about anything. It seems Dylan is a bit more shy but Megan definitely wants to try things.

She’s chatty too. Once she gets started, it’s hard to get her to stop. Right now she’s obsessed with Shopkins and will tell you anything and everything you can think of about them.

She definitely likes to sing but takes after her mother when it comes to her voice. She’ll never be a star but she enjoys it and that’s all that matters.

Started grade 1 this year and is already having a blast. It’s amazing to see how she’s really becoming her own person.

Summer Update, 2014

Posted July 22nd, 2014 by Zor

So it’s July of 2014 and I haven’t written much here for awhile. Thought I should post a few updates…

  • Megan finished pre-school with what I can only describe as the single worst “graduation” I have ever seen. Horribly organized and was just a total mess. Glad she is done with that
  • We took her to speech therapy and they’ve said they can’t do much until her teeth start growing but she needs to stop sucking her thumb. This of course has been a problem for her but she is trying
  • She stopped going to Angela’s and started at the Boys & Girls club with Dylan. SO nice to have one drop off and pickup per day and she is really loving it
  • She’s excited to start school in September
  • We took the training wheels off her bike but she’s not doing so great in riding it. I think she just needs another year under her belt and she’ll be fine. I don’t think she’s actually ready for it but we’ll see
  • She’s moved off of Dylan’s Power Ranger’s and on to My Little Pony which is something of a sore spot for me. It seems the karma gods are having fun and smiling at me given the horrible irony that is taking place here. I am glad she finally found something girly to enjoy


Posted September 23rd, 2013 by Zor

photo (15)The sight of that scared me to death. The worst part was, it was my fault.

As a parent, you hold yourself responsible for many things that happen to your kids even if you didn’t intend it that way. For me, this was one such occasion.

We were out at the “castle park” in Riverview. They have one of those zip line things that goes about 10 feet or so and the kids swing and hang on while it goes to one end. When it reaches the other end, the handle bounces off the side and the kid goes the other direction. Both my kids have played on this thing many times.

This time, Megan wanted to go on it so I picked her up, she hung on, and I pushed her. She wanted to go faster so I pushed her faster and before I knew it, she slipped and landed face first into the gravel. She started screaming and there was a very large bump on her head with blood pouring out everywhere. I was seriously freaked out.

We got her to the hospital and after all was said and done, she got two stitches and was a real trooper. Once she settled down, she was perfectly fine. I however was not.

Having been the one who pushed her a bit faster than she was ready for, I was the one who ultimately caused what happened to her. I’m the one that gave her those stitches and put her through that. What the hell kind of father am I? Tamara kept insisting that these things happen and to not think too much of it. But how could I? I mean, when you do something and it causes one of your kids to go through something painful, do you not feel guilty about what you’ve done?

I spent the better part of a day feeling bad about the whole thing while Megan was already long past it. I’ve tried to make myself realize that I never did anything malicious but it still sits with me. She was spewing blood everywhere and I was the one who indirectly caused it.

It’s now a couple of days later and I have managed to sort of let it go but it still sits with me. I know I am not a bad father but the last thing you want to do is see your kids hurting because of something you did.


My little girl turns 4

Posted May 2nd, 2013 by Zor

photo (11)

Two days ago my little girl turned four. Where the hell has the time gone?

I find myself having a hard time thinking about what to say when I think about her getting older. But here are a few things I can think of:

  • At four years old, she’s managed to curb the thumb sucking quite a bit compared to days past
  • In the last few months, she’s told me she loves me more than she has in the entire time she’s been alive
  • She’s shown to be a true offspring of me and Tamara. She’s got my temper and Tamara’s emotionalism
  • As long as Dylan is not around, she is one chatty little girl. She goes on and on and on about just about anything she can think of
  • She’s pretty excited that she now has her own scooter

I am looking forward to the time when she starts school. She gets pretty excited about some of the things Dylan does in school so it will be neat to see how she does.

She’s a lot tamer now

Posted January 22nd, 2013 by Zor

It seems that as my little girl grows up a bit, she has also managed to calm down slightly.

The big huge fits she was going through seem to have subsided for now. She’s actually a lot more cooperative and a lot more pleasant to be around. Plus, she finally told me she loves me which just made my heart jump and my face smile.

She turns 4 in a couple of months and it’s pretty hard to imagine it’s been 4 years. Where the hell does the time go?

It’s been too long

Posted July 17th, 2012 by Zor

I haven’t written anything on here in almost a year. It’s amazing how fast time goes. I should be writing more about my kids but I find it’s better for me to spend time with them than write about them.

Megan. My little girl. She turned 3 just a few months ago and she’s definitely continuing to be the strong willed / rebellion type. She doesn’t like being told no and has a tendency to cry pretty much about everything. I think she’s just emotional like her mom. It can be very frustrating at times.

I find that when she goes into one of her fits, it is best for me to walk away and let Tamara handle it. She seems to be more suited to dealing with Megan’s fits than I am. I find that it gets me very worked up and I don’t end up acting rationally when she’s being irrational. Maybe we are more alike than I realize.

Her speech is getting better but she’s been developing this habit of trying to act like a baby. She mumbles and says one word sentences instead of full talking. I have told her she needs to stop and hopefully it is just a stage she’s going through. She also still continues to suck her thumb, and hasn’t yet been able to give up on her night time diapers as she still wets the bed. I’d really like to get that done with so we can be diaper free. At least she’s good during the day.

Aside from those, she loves playing and is doing fairly well with other kids and her brother. I suspect she will be the one that will be more rebellious as she gets older. Dylan tends to be less confrontational where she’s more of a “stick it to you” kind of girl. I just can’t wait for her teenage years. NOT!

I love her dearly and I’m enjoying my time with her. There are just days that its harder than others. But isn’t that what parenthood is?

Oh you strong willed one

Posted August 1st, 2011 by Zor

She is a little devil.

For two years old, this is a girl who is not afraid of anything, and is VERY devilish. You can see it in her face and by some of the things she’s doing.

She’s got a bit of a crush on Buzz Lightyear and now has one that she likes to take to bed with her. I hope I never wake up finding buzz between her legs.

She’s become MUCH more vocal and vibrant than before but much like her mom, she’s emotional. In fact, I can just say one little thing to her and she starts crying. It’s frustrating at times but I have to keep reminding myself that she is 2 and that she is a girl and that she is just like her mom.

Like her brother, she’s smart. She knows how to do a lot more things than I ever expected. She also has a tendency to pretty much do anything Dylan does. If she thinks what he is doing is fun or will get attention, she does it. I never realized how much siblings do this. Do you folks out there have the same thing happen with your kids? I had no brothers and sisters growing up so it’s a new world for me.

Her hair is getting long. Long enough that she’s always got it in a ponytail or pigtails now otherwise it kind of gets in her face and bugs her. She is however quite a little cutie. I love her to bits!

My baby turns 2

Posted May 2nd, 2011 by Zor

And yet another year goes by. Wow. Where the hell did it go?

Over the weekend me, Tamara, and Dylan all celebrated Megan’s second birthday. Although it was a very quiet celebration, it still was pretty amazing.

Two years ago, this little one decided to join our family but she certainly made us work for it. After being in labour for what I think was 28 hours, she finally graced us with her presence. Megan Grace Klem joined the world and has been taking it by storm.

Her favorite things: puppy, Minnie Mouse, her blankie, and hotdogs 🙂 She also enjoys be a little daredevil.

Her not so favorite things: Being told not to do something,

Like any other two year old, she has her good days and she has her bad but she’s one who’s become quite the little individual.

Above all that, she’s also come to be very fond of her older brother. Always asking Dylan to help her and to “give me a hand”. The two may fight from time to time, but they also laugh, play, and enjoy being around each other quite a bit. I’ll have to remember that when they’re both teenagers 🙂

Are girls really that different?

Posted April 2nd, 2011 by Zor

It’s been too long since I posted anything about Megan on here, and today I thought I had a good topic to bring up. Tamara’s gone with Dylan to soccer, and Megan is watching Mickey Mouse so why not do a little writing.

Within the last six months, the personality of Megan has really started to come out. As I indicated in a previous post, she really is becoming her own little character. But with that comes something that I as a dad, or more as a guy, am trying to find a way to deal with.

Dylan has his days. Some days he’s cranky and other days he’s fine. In fact, for both him and Megan, they are generally pretty well rounded children. But I find with Megan, I struggle a bit more with something that I find Dylan doesn’t do as much. Whining.

Yes, all kids whine. Dylan has days where he too drives me nuts, but with Megan, it seems, from my perspective, to be a lot more than Dylan. Is it her personality that makes her like that? Or is it part of the difference between girls and boys. I don’t want to give the impression that I think all girls are whiners, but typically girls are more emotional than guys and as a result of that, they are likely more sensitive to things, and thusly get a bit more whiney.

Today was a good example. Just the slightest little thing and she would start crying. The fact that she was tired didn’t help but even after she got out of bed from her nap, just one wrong comment and she’d start crying. Finally she settled down and we laid down on the couch, watched a little TV and I think she’s mellowed out a bit.

Part of me thinks it’s just typical kid behavior. Another part of me says, “She’s like all women. She whines” (which of course isn’t true and is a really awful thing to say but when you’ve had a bad day, sometimes that’s how it feels). I think the big thing for me is trying to find the best way to handle girls vs boys because I have no doubt that as the years progress, the differences will become even more apparent.